We are going to describe and name the types of jewelry including jewelry sets most currently used both in women and men:

The chain is a type of gem that usually bring around the neck, they tend to be made of pure gold or metal alloys.

The necklace is also a jewel to wear around the neck, but not always consists of regular patterns, and can be composed of different materials such as metals, textiles, plastic… The main difference with the chain is the thickness of a collar is much larger and the fact that the necklace is a jewel in itself and not a stand for another gem.

The pendants are works depicting different symbols such as the cross, the Crescent, the star, initials, signals… They serve to indicate the identity and personality of a person, or have pure aesthetic purposes. For sets of jewelry, you can follow this site.

Rings jewelry that are in the finger and one of the types of jewelry used, can be of different materials, from plastic to pure gold. The Alliance as well as being a ring, is above all a symbol of love. It is often used in marriage ceremonies, but sometimes are also used in wedding anniversaries. It is a jewel which usually consists only of metal, but sometimes can be found with engarzadas beautiful stones. Takes in the finger ring left hand. It is a feminine jewel as male, men usually wear traditional alliances and the women wear them decorated with various gemstones and cuts.

The ring of Rush is close enough aesthetically Alliance, however they have no special meaning related to marriage.

The Marquise ring is a ring offered for any occasion, has no special meaning other than the pleasure of wearing the jewel.

The solo is a ring also used to offer each time, consists of a ring decorated with precious stones.

The ring is a large ring, historically worn by men in the left ring It is composed of a large ring with an initial, animal, signal… One of the types of jewelry is more glamorous.

Bracelets they are the types of jewelry which is worn around the wrist. Chains bracelets are made with metal chained threads. Unlike the string that usually bring a Medallion or a pendant around the neck, like a chain of bracelets contain various patterns and materials such as plastic, beads, engarzadas stones… The advantage of this gem is its flexibility.

Bangles are a type of bracelet is domed and solid, which is made of a metal ring or portions of interlocking rings. The shape of the rings can be round or oval. The width of these bracelets is variable. The advantage of these bracelets is its rigidity.

Beads bracelets they are bracelets consist of small metal balls, in the form of links, your interest is aesthetic. Pearl bracelet (see here) is composed of similarly with regular round pearls. They are essentially feminine jewelry.

Earrings are the jewels that adorn the ear. The lobe of the ear requires a micro drilling to put the earring. Some so-called models to avoid cut to resort to this drilling to keep the jewel by pressing the lobe.

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